Bethesda just dropped a 58 gig Hi-Res Texture pack for Fallout 4.

Oof. ┬áTime to go see what I’ve got clogging up my hard drive right now, methinks. ┬áBecause I love software bloat, don’t you?

4 thoughts on “Bethesda just dropped a 58 gig Hi-Res Texture pack for Fallout 4.”

  1. It seems like only yesterday during the whole next gen/current gen/last gen console argument when I was pointing out that I would have to be sitting within four feet of a rather large tv to see any difference at all in the visuals.
    The jump from CGA to EGA was huge. As was the jump from EGA to VGA. But everything has been danged near photo realistic for years now, and companies are spending ridiculous amounts of resources chasing diminishing returns.
    Seriously, enough already.

  2. Sorry, no sale. Not even if the pay me to install it.

    Now, if they were to hire some writers and actually have more than 100 lines of dialog in the whole frigging mess I might be tempted to play it some more.

    Damn that Witcher 3. Ruined all the rest for me.

  3. Did anyone notice an improvement over what various modders have done? This just seems like a big ask in drive space. I am not sure I want one game for the entirety of my ssd- even Fallout.

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