OK, I’m doing something wrong with this DVD to monitor setup.

I’ve got a DVD player that uses the old red white yellow RCA connectors; and I have a monitor that takes a VGA connector.  It also takes HDMI, but that slot is being taken up by the Roku stick, so no love there and the DVD player doesn’t have a HDMI port anyway.  So, I picked up a male VGA to Female RCA plug, installed it, then plugged in the male to male RCA connectors from the DVD player, and got a no signal report from the VGA… actually, hold up.  I need to check the VGA plug. There may be bent pins.

…Nope, no bent pins.  Dagnabbit, it was always bent pins, back in the day. Fixing that was, like, the first computer hardware repair technique you learned. Anyway: thoughts?  The DVD player definitely has power running from it, and the cupholder opens and closes.

5 thoughts on “OK, I’m doing something wrong with this DVD to monitor setup.”

  1. VGA to RCA is a non trivial conversion. Is the device an “RCA to VGA” converter or a “VGA to RCA” converter? Also, what VGA video mode does the device output? (if it is a RCA to VGA converter) Does the monitor accept that video mode?

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