Looks like Twitter has decided that people without cell phones aren’t important.

Take a gander at the new muting functions below.

As it happens, I hadn’t confirmed my phone, because I default to it being nobody’s damned business what my phone number is if I haven’t decided to tell them. But fine, fine, I’ll stop yelling at clouds… oh, hey, they want to text me a confirmation, which means that using the land line is right out.

Yes, I know that pretty much everyone in the USA has a cell phone. I still wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of giving Twitter my phone number for data mining purposes. And if you happen to not have a cell phone, well, your Twitter account will probably end up on a mass mute list because you don’t matter anyway.  I’ve seen how this stuff plays out; nobody ever thinks things through anymore.

4 thoughts on “Looks like Twitter has decided that people without cell phones aren’t important.”

  1. I’m not one to hand out my number, either.
    But it’s kind of ironic that I got so many emails encouraging me to come back, when they were just going to boot me if I did.
    (No, haven’t missed it a bit. I did sign up for Gab, but I think I’ve checked it exactly once.)

      1. I’d even have to look up what you’re talking about. It is completely unknown to me.

  2. Get a burner phone, use it to confirm an account, then cackle as you can now evade filters AND data miners.
    Your move, Twitter.

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