Snow’s finally coming down…

…schools are closed, wife will be telecommuting tomorrow, and the cat is visibly congratulating itself for moving in several years ago.  All of which means: I get to sleep in tomorrow! …Heck, the kids might even let me get an extra half hour!

I will admit: snow is pretty when you don’t have to go out into it.  Although whether I feel the same way after I shovel the walk tomorrow is another story.  Fortunately, the tendonitis seems well and truly on the wane.

Good night, folks.

9 thoughts on “Snow’s finally coming down…”

  1. Just the usual March drizzle here in Portland – thank goodness. Early winter was altogether too cold and snowy.

      1. I don’t get it, either…the city manages to attend to the major thoroughfares, after a fashion, but side streets (especially mine, which is a dead end) can go hang. And if we get much more than the 5 – 6 inches we got last January, the street would be impassable. We’d have to get the neighbors out to shovel…and I think I’m the only one on my block who owns an actual snow shovel.

        1. I happened to be in your fair city – driving on 82nd – down one of the bigger hills, a couple days after the ‘blizzard’.
          I’m not sure if it was northeast or southeast, I still don’t have a handle on your “quadrant and a spare” system.
          I watched an SUV – with a full load of kids – pass me going downhill, then do a very smooth 180.
          No other traffic, it didn’t roll, just .. wound up in the middle of the road, facing the wrong way.
          I waved at the stunned driver as we rolled by.

          1. If you were north of Burnside, you were in Northeast.
            But, yeah, the thing that worries me about driving in snowy Portland is other drivers.

  2. Only a few flakes here in Lexington. I am hoping it does not get much worse- or it just shuts everything down. No half measures.

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