Bayonetta on Steam for PC: $20. Go/No-Go?

I’ve never played it, but everybody seems to be jumping up and down and going whee.  Basic question is: I prefer RPGs, so is Bayonetta a good enough shooter that I won’t mind the lack of freeform play?  Also: do I need to go find the controller I have for the PC on this one?  I’m simply more accustomed to keyboard commands.

4 thoughts on “Bayonetta on Steam for PC: $20. Go/No-Go?”

  1. Well, yeah. You want a controller. Period. Playing this with a keyboard will likely not be a good time.
    But for gameplay? It’s a heck of a ride. I enjoyed it greatly back on the Xbox. Very few RPG elements, aside from choosing your gear. Also be warned, it’s a 3rd person spectacle shooter ala Devil May Cry, not an FPS like Doom. It’s also very… Japanese… with its approach to Christianity. Meaning that its about as close to Christianity as Thor: Ragnarok is to Odinists.
    That being said, if you’re on the fence, just wait. At some point, it will be in the $5-10 price range like Valkyria Chronicle is and you can pick it up without much buyer’s remorse. $20 is a quite fair price for it though

  2. No go.
    Most M rated games, I don’t mind the thought of my kids getting brief exposure to them.
    Bayonetta isn’t one of these.

  3. Well, for starters, Bayonetta is not a shooter. It’s more of a melee fighter with a emphasis on stringing combos together to pull off fantastic special attacks. It’s also a VERY risque game (mostly playful, but at least one enemy more or less masturbates before you fight them), so I’d not play it around children and maybe your wife. As stated by others, its use of religious imagery is very ornamental. Names and references are tossed around but have no real association with anything. On the plus side, it is a gorgeous game that is a prime example of what Platinum Games can do. I’d not attempt to play it with anything other than a 360 or XB1 controller on the PC.

    1. Just to add to the mention of “risqué” elements –

      Keep in mind that Bayonetta’s outfit is literally made up of her extremely long hair (it looks like a normal outfit at a glance, but yeah – it’s her hair). And it partially unwinds from her for a lot of her special attacks (part of her hair turns into the weapon being used for the attack, which means that for that brief moment, it’s not pretending to be clothing). So a lot of her specials basically have her suddenly showing some skin. I don’t recall the amount of visible skin being a particular problem. But it’s one of those “Wait, what?” sorts of fan servicy things that tend to catch you off guard.

      I only played the demo on my console back in the day, so I can’t comment further on that particular element. But the demo was a lot of fun.

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