Kentucky Fried Chicken releases a romance novel. Wait, what?

Well, technically it’s a romance novella.  Also technically, it’s a publicity stunt that Kentucky Fried Chicken is hoping will catch fire and spawn a summer’s worth of imitators.  Because, really: if you had that kind of potential access to the zeitgeist, wouldn’t you also try to muck about it?

Full points for chutzpah gets them the Amazon link. I like seeing an audacious publicity move as much as the next man. Besides, if this takes off I could write McDonald’s-themed heroic fantasy novels all. Damned. Day.

6 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Chicken releases a romance novel. Wait, what?”

  1. *chuckles* This is the Internet my friend.
    One of the latest fanart trends has been Anime-trope fast-food mascots including, but not limited to: Hot&Sassy Wendy, Gentleman/Pimp Col.Sanders, Joker Ronald McDonald. All in any combination you may chose, or perhaps not chose to find them. Some things you cannot unsee.
    This trend of course is mostly encouraged by their respective IP holders.

      1. Ronald as a Scottish warrior, following more or less Campbell-hero tropes, and putting together a five-team? (Grimace, Hamburgler …)
        It has a lunatic sort of potential.

        1. Perhaps. The red hair and fraternity with potato products indicate a possible Irish connection.

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