4 thoughts on “Storify: My sorrowful sneer at the ‘Anne with an E’ series.”

  1. I once read someone describe the culture as one of evolved American Puritanism, but one from which the secular humanists stripped out any hope of Redemption. “The lingering fear that someone, somewhere, might be happy” remains though, because the only equal society is one dominated by “Bad Luck.**”
    **Classical Reference

    1. This seems about right to me.

      The idea of creating a world in need of a savior is not a new one. I remember reading that was one of Tolkien’s ideas behind Middle Earth. Funny how it worked out completely different in his telling of it.

      Another thing about how this could happen: My guess is that when the people who made this piece of excrement read the stories- or were told about them- the stories did not ‘ring true’ to them from what they believe about how society works and what the time period was like.

      This is something that I have remarked on about various forms of post-apocalyptic fiction (game/movie/book): A lot of the people writing these seem to not understand that complete evil is not really the state of man. If this were true, we never would have been able to work together and establish villages in the misty past. We never would have been able to trust one another for farming. We never would have had writers, artists, poets and historians if we really lived in the world that they believe we do.

      The irony is that they have created/been indoctrinated in a culture that is in many ways far more merciless than the one Anne comes from.

  2. Did you read Thomas Crowne’s Dark Thomas the Tank series on twitter?

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