Netflix developing The Witcher series.

See, this is where you do the goram dark and gritty.  Please, by all means, make it dark and gritty.  That’s what The Witcher is for.

Netflix has announced that they will be developing a new epic fantasy series based on the hit video game franchise The Witcher. The game itself is based on a series of novels written by polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. There are eight novels and they will serve as the main inspiration for the new series.

But who do you get to play Geralt? Worse: how do you reconcile the voice of the games with the voice of the eventual actor? Because I don’t know if Doug Cockle has the right look.  He’s obviously got the right voice, but the right look?

4 thoughts on “Netflix developing The Witcher series.”

  1. Vin Diesel. And yeah, dark, gritty, and lots of sex. The wacky political struggles of Game of Thrones, not so much.

    1. But, like Witcher 3 use the Ciri story thread to keep the thing from turning into DepressionFest 2017. Of course, in the books, Ciri is not always a wholly sympathetic character.

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