The new Dark Crystal won’t wreck your childhood, but it’ll probably make you miss it.

Yeah, there’s a reason why nobody up until now has decided to go back to The Dark Crystal. ┬áIt’s because Jim Henson’s dead, and it has become abundantly clear since then that nobody’s nearly as good as he is with continuing the stories of his creations. But it looks like they’re going to run ten thousand volts throught the corpse and get The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance bursting out of the chest cavity.

“Age of Resistance.” Gee. Can’t imagine what the subtext is gonna be for THAT.

9 thoughts on “The new Dark Crystal won’t wreck your childhood, but it’ll probably make you miss it.”

  1. Did the trailer actually include any new footage? I see from the article that they will still use puppets, but also “cutting-edge digital imagery” (which sounds awful to me). At any rate, the trailer got me excited to dig out my DVD and re-watch to determine if my 4 year old is ready for this yet.

    1. 4 is probably too young.
      4 going on 5 sitting on a lap is probably do-able.
      It has some really scary parts that all my children loved.
      My daughter watched w/ her two, turning 7 & turning 5 the last time they were here.
      All the really great old movies have scary parts. Including Disney.
      All the really great old fairy stories have scary parts.

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Neverending Story remake, if they did it as a miniseries and covered the entire book. The movie only covered a small portion of what happened in the book.

    1. I’m in flux about this. While there are limits to one’s capacitance for nostalgia, if this film’s story isn’t firmly grounded in the source, it will be an impedance to my enjoyment. However, I’m keeping my mind open to the potential of a positive output.

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