…I have nothing really to talk about except the computer, because that’s what I spent most of the day dealing with.  Games do boot up MUCH faster on the SSHD; startlingly so, in fact. Conan Exiles used to take forever to load itself, and now it doesn’t.  I do have one wrinkle: my old hard drive needs to be connected to a power source, but I’m not sure if I have enough oomph in the magic thinky box to power it normally, or whether I need to put in another new esoteric energy crystal.

…Yes, that’s the level of my knowledge.  And I’d ask my computer guy, except that I did ask my computer guy, and… look. The dude is fast, cheap, doesn’t screw around, and does a thorough job.  What he may not be all that great at is English as a second language, all right? Or maybe I’m not great at explaining what esoteric stuff I need done.  You can’t have everything. I have double the hard drive space, and faster load times.  I’m coming out ahead on this one as it is.

6 thoughts on “Regretfully…”

  1. You should be able to hook it up normally, your power supply as described earlier has plenty of oomph.

  2. HDD’s don’t consume much power, so you should be fine with the PS you have.

  3. Regular desktop hard drives don’t usually use more than 10W when active. Unless your power supply was on the ragged edge of not being big enough there shouldn’t be a problem.

    I mean, all hard drives require power to work–typically you put a Molex connector (for PATA and older-type drives) or a SATA power connector (for SATA drives and SSDs that aren’t m.2) on them. Is there something unusual about your setup?

    I mean, without trying to be snarky, when I read “the secondary drive needs power”, I thought “that’s like saying fish need water.”

    1. I figured that there wasn’t a spare power lead of the right size that would stretch, and he didn’t have a splitter/extension handy.

      1. That could make sense.

        Of course, power Y cables are like $5 at Fry’s or Micro Center.

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