OK, your character is cool. But is your character JUAN PUJOL GARCIA cool?

As near as I can tell, every word of this story about Juan Pujol Garcia is true.  At least, MI5 is corroborating it. This guy messed up the Nazi response to D-Day in ways that is almost inconceivable to modern science, and he made it look easy.

Seriously, this is the guy.  This is the real-life guy that you point to the next time your GM tells you that your character can’t hope to get away with a scheme like, say, convincing the Abwehr that you’ve infiltrated London and set up a spy network when you’ve actually gone to Lisbon and started making sh*t up with a guidebook from the local library.

There’s supposedly going to be a movie about this guy: there’s already a book. Can’t wait to read the latter.