Item Seed: Boozerang

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A Boozerang is a magically enhanced, hollowed out boomerang (typically filled with blessed wine or beer, although any watery liquid can do in a pinch) designed to be thrown in a very tight (18 foot radius) circle, then returned to the user’s hand. Part of the enchantment enables the tight radius and return; the rest of the magic handles the controlled spray-release (as a fine mist) of the liquid inside the artifact. You do not have to be a mage to operate a Boozerang.

Mages uses Boozerangs to generate quick ritual circles, typically for protection or evasion; if creating a circle of holy water or sacramental wine (or any other watery liquid) has any occult or theurgical significance in a particular esoteric tradition, this item will draw one more reliably and perfectly than most people acting in haste could.  Also: since you don’t need to be a mage to usefully operate a Boozerang, mages can hand one off to non-magical companions in an emergency.  
Balancing all of this is the minor detail that many people get upset when sacred items are used in a cavalier fashion.  And, to be very honest about it, most adventuring parties tend to use all sorts of things in a cavalier fashion. Put another way: many religious authorities tend to react a little stiffly towards anybody using a Boozerang.  Which is probably also a reason why mages hand the item over to non-mages. The existing mage-cleric professional rivalry is bad enough already.