Second Tokyo board drops this week on Secret World Legends.

Also, stage two of any vanity transfers from your old The Secret World account to the new Secret World Legends account.  So, basically, go into your old account, buy every pet and hat you can find, and generally drain your account of various currencies.  Then go transfer it over, and voila! – You get a bunch of your old cosmetics back.

…Yeah, I know that this isn’t really interesting to people who read me and who don’t play SWL, but it’s the second-most exciting thing that’s going to happen around here this week*.  Anyway, they’re going to be putting up the Tokyo Docks this week, and there’s a bunch of changes involved.  It’s promising to be very exciting, although I don’t think that we’re quite at the point where we’re getting the Tokyo dungeons back; I guess those and the Tokyo Lair is going to be bundled up with the Orochi Tower later.

And then my main character gets her angel wings back!  PROPER angel wings, the kind you get when you play a Lawful Good Paladin throughout the game. Or as close as you can get in a modern supernatural / occult / conspiracy MMO, at least.

Moe Lane


*The most exciting thing doesn’t involve me directly.

One thought on “Second Tokyo board drops this week on Secret World Legends.”

  1. *I’m* looking forward to it.

    Was kind of bummed that they got rid of the tank missions in northern Kaidan. Yes, they were largely for the AEGIS stuff. And yes, they were a pain in the neck. But the cutscenes were fun. Because the tank missions were absent, I’m guessing that the mutated ape mission isn’t going to show up in this release. And unlike the tanks, I won’t be missing it at all.

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