It was apparently National Poetry Day in England… today? Yesterday?

The time zone thing makes this awkward. Anyway, sure, why not?  I wrote this years and years and years ago.  My old SCA Barony in the East Kingdom is Carillion, and we did bells.  So, hey, bell motif.

Here We Go, Boys – Google Docs

Here We Go, Boys

(sung to the tune of the Mingulay Boat Song)


At the dock now is the vessel,

That will take me gently homeward;

‘Tis a beauty, bright and eager.

Soon we’ll sail on the northern seas.



Here we go, boys,

Let her go, boys;

Turn her head round to face the Pole Star;

Home is North, boys,

Let’s go forth, boys

‘Til we hear those welcome bells.


As we sail out to the ocean

And the south wind fills our sails out

Eyes look northward, ever seeking

Signs and sightings of our home.


Through bright days and through cool evenings

As the miles race ‘neath our ship’s keel;

Still we journey, ever northward

By the light of the moon and sun.


And now we anchor in safe harbor,

Where the ocean greets the river –

And our families throng the quay now;

Makes us welcome with song of bells.