Google following Apple into a post-headphone jack wasteland.

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t really planning in letting Google any further into my life and my phone anyway. So this is merely validation:

Google’s just-announced Pixel 2 phones don’t have a headphone jack. The 3.5mm connector is missing.

It’s not on the top, where Google placed it on last year’s Pixel. And it’s not on the bottom either, where you’ll find the USB-C data/charge port all by its lonesome. The audio jack is simply gone. Google just pulled an Apple — deleting a port that’s still common to find in millions upon millions of devices.

Also: I love Amazon, love their services, but their phone kind of sucked as a phone and I’m much happier with my Samsung.  I was not really convinced that Google was going to do better with their own branded phone line. And since they apparently want to take directions from Apple when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds, again: validation.

Via Fark Geek.

4 thoughts on “Google following Apple into a post-headphone jack wasteland.”

  1. It still has a USB connector, and Google sell a USB-to-headphone-jack dongle. So, not quite as bad as Apple.

    1. But there is no cult of Google.
      Google doesn’t have the cachet to pull this off. There is no “with his dying breath, Steve Jobs wished for a sleeker, simpler case”. It’s an Android phone with fewer options, without a significantly lower price point to compensate.
      Which is funny, because if there was a company ever in a position to do market research…

    2. Apple has a lightning connector and sell a lightning-to-headphone-jack dongle too ..
      Unless Google will allow concurrent charging and use of the headphone-dongle .. they’re really no different.
      At this point, I’m likely to follow Moe into Samsung-land.
      For really long road trips I like to use my phone’s GPS app (Waze) because it’s better at traffic patterns than any built-in car GPS I’ve seen .. and that means the phone needs to be charging.. and plugging my phone into the USB port in a rental seems like asking for trouble.

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