Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers.

…I’ll allow it.

The appearance of the two men is sufficiently similar to make the movie workable, Tom Hanks’ life and reputation is squeaky-clean enough to let him do the movie, and of course any director or writer who attempts to ‘revision’ Mr. Rogers’ life into something more ‘edgy’ or ‘complex’ will — quite ironically, to be sure — find himself being torn limb from limb by an angry mob. Note: I do not say that such a fate would be deserved.  It would be, after all, anathema to everything Fred Rogers ever stood for. But there’s only so much give in a culture.

So, yeah, I’ll probably go see this.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers.”

  1. Hanks is a stealth commie. Haven’t paid for any of his work in many a year and won’t be starting again here, unless of course the Rogers Estate is getting gross points – they would put the money to Good use rather than throw it at yet another Hollywood leftist fundraiser.

    In fact, can we start pushing the studio and stars to all donate 100% of the income to public television or any of Fred’s numerous charities? Put their money where their mouth is and virtue signal like their kind lives to do.

  2. Having spent some time near Tom Hank’s compound up in Idaho, and having visited with some of the contractors who dealt with him, I’m pretty sure that squeaky clean reputation is skin deep.
    At best.
    (OK, his wife got more blame than he did. But he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory.)

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