The Princess Bride RPG Kickstarter.

I may pass on this one, honestly.  Not that I don’t like the idea of a Princess Bride RPG Kickstarter, but I’m up against the limits of my budget as it is. Fifty bucks for the print version is a bit dear for me these days.

However, it is a Princess Bride RPG.  Official, even. So check it out.

3 thoughts on “The Princess Bride RPG Kickstarter.”

  1. I love that movie, but…
    The setting isn’t exactly what I’d call coherent.
    If my wit was quick and sharp enough to run this game, I’d already be running Toon, Paranoia, GURPS:Goblins, or one of the various other options that *isn’t* currently mocking me from the shelf.

    1. It’s coherent enough that a GM could run with it, I suspect. There’s a bigger world outside the setting. But chances are that the players won’t ever really need to know what Patagonia is like (for instance).

      But quite frankly, this seems like the sort of thing best handled by the 7th Sea rules (1st edition, since that’s the only one I’ve read).

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