Beekeeper’s Flu [GURPS 4e]

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Beekeeper’s Flu [30 pt]


The name’s maybe a quarter-accurate, at best.  It’s not really the flu, and people besides beekeepers can catch it.  It’s also hardly an affliction, although the early stages of the condition are unpleasant enough.  Suddenly being able to understand the ‘language of insects’ via a full neurological rewrite is hardly going to be an enjoyable procedure.

But the results are worth it.  Someone with Beekeeper’s Flu can understand and be understood by ‘bugs;’ and those bugs are generally going to be well-disposed towards the person that they’re talking to. This generally means that mosquitos will not bite, ticks and fleas will jump off and look for a new host, bees and hornets will not sting — but Beekeeper’s Flu also allows you the ability to get meaningful information from the bugs, as per pg 77 of GURPS Powers.  


The rewriting of your brain also improves your sense of taste and smell, which can be useful in a variety of methods.  Plus, of course, having insects like you is a powerful defense against ambushes or backstabs. Never disturb the beekeeper in his lair.


Beekeeper’s Flu: Acute Smell/Taste 2 [4], Animal Empathy [Insects only, -50%] [3], Speak With Animals [Insects only, -50%; Sapience, +40%] [23]


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