My first, last, and only comment on the firings at RedState.

As most of you know, I voluntarily quit politics in 2016, which meant that I also stopped writing for RedState at that time. Today, that site let a lot of its writers go. Without getting into either the politics of the situation, or Salem’s justification for doing so, I will say this: while I think that this was an error, I am in no way surprised.  I knew eighteen months ago that this day would come, and I was absolutely disinterested in trusting Salem Communications to do the right thing when the day finally came.  There is already enough shabby behavior in the world that we don’t have to have companies coming up with new and exciting ways to not live up to our already low expectations: yet here we are.

And that is all that I have to say about that.

Moe Lane

PS: Just to forestall any emails that might or might not come down the pike: a cold day in Hell, gentlemen. A cold day in Hell.

14 thoughts on “My first, last, and only comment on the firings at RedState.”

  1. Eh. I doubt you would have lasted long had you not retired. RS has become shallow, angry and unreadable for the most part, and I doubt I’d miss most of those let go. I can get the same views with a slightly less click-bait tone from CNN.

    1. I say this as a great fan of your writing, which perhaps was not conveyed above*. You don’t write tabloid rants.

      1. I am in an awkward position where half of my former-colleague friends are trying to decide whether to start a fight with the other half of my former-colleague friends, and vice versa.

  2. It’s like a Kenny Rogers song.

    No, not “Islands in the Stream.” I mean “The Gambler.” Know when to walk away, and all that.

    1. Know when to walk away …
      Know when to run …
      Know when to douse the joint with gasoline and toss a match ..

  3. Eh.
    My only comment was going to be noting that Ace’s thoughts on the matter were perceptive.
    I’ll admit to being slightly curious about whether some of those fired are going to declare kanly against a fallen world unworthy of their purity.
    If so, I might break out my best Nelson Muntz impression. Or just eat popcorn. We’ll see.

    1. Ace’s reaction was more measured than I’d expected, but he apparently didn’t know that Salem was nasty about how they tossed the writers. Frankly, it was just as well that I retired in 2016; because if I was still writing there and had made the cut yesterday (false modesty be damned; I absolutely would have) I would have quit anyway.

      1. Meaning no offense, and with no heat whatsoever .. you would’ve quit or gone completely mental well before this charlie-foxtrot.

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