Bethesda proves that its Fallout troll game is strong.

Remarkably strong: they’ve gotten over a hundred thousand people to watch a Twitch live feed of a test pattern and a bobblehead.

Watch live video from Bethesda on

Rumor has it that they’re teasing something Fallout-related, and that it’s not a remaster. Rumor, of course, is utterly unreliable. Not ‘wrong;’ ‘unreliable.’ Maybe it will be a new game, maybe it won’t, we probably won’t find out either way today.

…But, hey, great advertising, what-what?

7 thoughts on “Bethesda proves that its Fallout troll game is strong.”

  1. There were some balloons earlier, and a guy poured something into some Vault Tec-branded dixie cups from a flask.

  2. I do wonder. History would suggest it must be spin off product or maybe (probably not) another F4 expansion, since they usually take turns making EoS and FO games. But if they feel comfortable letting a 3rd party studio make another FO game, it could be something like New Vegas… although EXTREMELY unlikely to be a Obsidian partnership, much to our chagrin.

      1. Something new and different might be in order. What about a Brotherhood exploration team (Zeppelin of course) that crosses the Atlantic to see what the heck happened over there?
        Fallout: London?
        Probably too great a departure from formula.

        It would allow them to do something where they do not interfere with established canon, and also show us something that was kind of completely untreated in the original games.

        South America?

        Fallout:Australia would be kind of hard to tell the difference. The animals/insects already are gigantic, poisonous, and want you to die.

  3. So .. apparently it’s “Fallout: 76” .. and the vid *thus far* shows … a vault celebrating the tricentenial ..
    I’d have to go back to D.C. and review the time line, but something’s off here..

    1. Judging from the song, Vault 76 is in West Virginia. And judging from what it shows, I’m guessing it’s a control vault, and takes place 20 years after the bombs fell, and the inhabitants are moving out to resettle the surface.
      So probably more settlement building BS.

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