‘(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long.’

(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long, Weird Al Yankovic

This may be the single cruelest song that Weird Al Yankovic has ever written.  What makes it extra-cruel is that the criticism is spot-on, expertly presented, and issued by somebody who happens to be as musically gifted as George Harrison was. I’m impressed.

4 thoughts on “‘(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long.’”

  1. First time I’ve heard this song. THAT is talent.

    Thanks for posting this one.

    1. The hanging non-rhyme is amazing .. I’m not convinced George is up to Al’s standards, honestly .. and the music video was/is also solid in its’ visual quasi-tribute to the original.

  2. I feel like it should be pointed out that “Got My Mind Set on You” was written by Rudy Clark and originally released in 1963.


    Also, when it comes time to judge repetitive lyrics in a song by an ex-Beatle, may I suggest McCartney’s “Feet in the Clouds” is a more egregious example? (Google the lyrics to see what I mean)

  3. For my money, Achy-Breaky Song is nearly as cruel and has Musical Mike’s hand music.

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