Book of the Week: The Black Chamber.

SM Stirling’s The Black Chamber is coming out in a couple of weeks: it’s an alternate history where President Taft suffered a fatal heart attack at just the right moment in 1912 to ensure that Woodrow Wilson would lose ignominiously to Teddy Roosevelt in the Presidential election.  From what I’ve read so far on Stirling’s site, the results from that are going to make a lot of people’s teeth grind. But there are fights on zeppelins and spying against perfidious Imperial Germans and high tech (by 1916 AD standards) and whatnot, so it’s all going to be good, hopefully. I’m looking forward to reading it.

2 thoughts on “Book of the Week: The Black Chamber.”

  1. Stirling has been discussing his studies of TR a great deal on Facebook over the past months. And it’s clear that he sees Teddy’s version of Progressive ideology as markedly different from that of Woodrow Wilson and his successors (including FDR).
    I have to admit, this series intrigues me.

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