Tweet of the Day, …I Don’t Get It edition.

Some of you might very well think that this is hysterical…


…but I couldn’t possibly comment.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …I Don’t Get It edition.”

  1. Whoever made this knew what he was doing. The word “stroke” is featured prominently in the graphic, and I think this is not an accident.

    I’ll bet you a diddledadjoe to a dangedifIknow that this guy quit the day this graphic was published

      1. Hopefully he (or she) won the lottery or retired or otherwise achieved a happy ending…
        I’m sorry.

  2. What I’m wondering is if that’s the sun’s…thermometer, or if he’s…um…measuring the earth’s…heat index.

    That’s too much innuendo for one sentence.

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