Welp, they’re doing a new Men in Black movie.

Sweet God in Heaven.

Even though the last Men in Black movie was only released in 2012, a reboot of the sci-fi comedy franchise is on the way.

Why me, Lord? Why me?

With original stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones no longer involved in the series…


…the new movie will reunite Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in the lead roles.


You now have my attention.

Anyway: according to Thathashtagshow.com, the movie is going to be set in the same world as the original MiB, but feature new agents and story lines.  …OK, yeah, this is maybe not bad. Hemsworth is going to be the goofy Brit MiB (this is set in London), Thompson will be the Person Who Learns The Truth, or whatever. Fair enough. Fair enough.  Maybe This Will Not Suck.  Here’s hoping, at least.