Nathan Fillion does an Uncharted fan film.

…I now want to play Uncharted.

Via GeekTyrant.  Seriously, Nathan Fillion is more or less perfect.  I might even watch a full-length version of the Uncharted movie, if it had this cast.

Moe Lane

PS: Ah. Uncharted is exclusive to the Playstation, which is why I’ve never played it.  Gotcha.

5 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion does an Uncharted fan film.”

    1. Unless it goes badly awry, it looks pretty watchable. .
      Perhaps not up to “Romancing the Stone” standards, but much better than, say, “Ishtar”.

      1. Better than Ishtar?

        That’s a tall order. It was good, but probably not ISHTAR good.

        Acat, you have high standards.

        1. While I do have standards, and some of them are high .. Ishtar isn’t a high bar.

  1. I’ve played the first four Uncharted games, and I can say that this film captures the spirit of the game very well. I would watch a full length version of this.

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