The bees claim two NYC hot dog stands.

I can take a hint.

It’s funny: I’m definitely phobic about bees, but I probably wouldn’t lose my stuff over seeing that in person.  I wouldn’t go near the damned hot dog stands, but I wouldn’t lose my stuff.  I’m afraid of bees, but I don’t mind them.  They’re very important!  And they just want to be left alone.  I respect that.  We have an understanding about the situation, I feel.  There are boundaries.

Wasps or yellowjackets, on the other hand: just as afraid, but it’s a KILL THEM ALL WITH A HOLY FIRE PLEASING TO THE LORD kind of fear.  Those stands would be toast.

2 thoughts on “The bees claim two NYC hot dog stands.”

  1. My brother is very very allergic to all of those stinging insects. I would not want to show that picture to him.

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