Venom to get PG-13 rating.

Okaayyy… “The upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Venom has landed a PG-13 rating, according to the MPAA. …Director Ruben Fleischer was eager to push the limits of what he could do with the comic book property, and it seems that this new rating means he was able to do so.”  Is the male teenager demographic really that important to this movie’s success?


Right. Strike that. The question looked stupid even when I typed it out.  Still, this is a movie about a barely-anti-hero that goes around and, at various points in the comics, eats bad people.  Certainly the trailers imply that.  But at the same time, they kind of also suggest that nobody really gets eaten.  It is, as they say, a puzzler.

One thought on “Venom to get PG-13 rating.”

  1. I watched those trailers. I have no intention of watching the movie because of the casual violence they contain. Also, I think Venom qualifies as a hero only because he is the least black thing in his story which is weird because his body is made of alien pitch! What are his enemies made of, pure night given flesh?

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