The Captain Marvel trailer has dropped!

Good use of music.

Some interesting tidbits in there; I think that it’s going to be an infiltration flick (I even think we saw one shape-changed Skrull).  Also: the power level of the MCU just went up a bit.  Thor and the Hulk both show comparable reach-out-and-touch-someone levels of oomph, but they seem to need to work themselves up to it a little.  Captain Marvel just brings the energy blasts.

I am… cautiously optimistic.  They haven’t fornicated the canine yet on this series, and if it’s a alien invasion movie with covert infiltrators, well; yeah, I’d like to see that.  Sounds like it could be fun, really.

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  1. Frankly, I think the comparison might be a bit of an understatement. Normal Carol Danvers, yeah, Hulk or Thor, so long as she doesn’t let them get too close. But in the comic books, Carol’s power isn’t shooting energy bolts. It’s absorbing energy – which she can then shoot. At one point in her career, she was linked to a white hole and went by the name Binary… until she burned herself out (i.e. lost the connection to the white hole) repairing damage to our own sun. And then shortly after rejoining the Avengers, she got hit with a massive blast of energy that (very) temporarily put her back up to her Binary levels.

    The trailer has some interesting possibilities. One of the comic book character’s defining moments was the attack by Rogue that stole most of her memories. The movie trailer suggests that they’re keeping the missing memories element of her character, but finding a new reason for it (since the X-Men don’t currently exist in the MCU).

    We shall see…

    1. Oh, man, it’d be funny if she was drained by somebody who looked just like Rogue. Everybody would open their mouths, visibly remember that the question of copyright infringement was effectively moot at that point, and then close them again.

  2. What I find pretty awesome is that she seems to do the entire thing in clothing that looks practical and effective. Sure, the stuff she is wearing when she falls into Blockbuster looks like faux leather, but it mostly looks like a modestly protective uniform. Furthermore, she isn’t running around demonstrating the “most common superpower” or wearing skin-tight black leather.

    1. The outfit that she’s wearing in most of the trailer appears to be a recolor of her current costume. You see it with the real colors (red and blue, with a gold star) at the very end. It’s a slight redesign of the costume worn by Mar-Vell (the original Kree Captain Marvel).

      Prior to that, most of her older costumes were “attention-getting”. Her final Ms. Marvel costume (before she became Captain Marvel) was essentially a sleeveless black and red leotard with black thigh-high boots. Her original costume was a red long-sleeved shirt with a huge triangle cut-out over her stomach, and a black bikini bottom.

      Her outfit as Binary appeared to be quite modest. But it was always hard to tell given that she was constantly emitting enough ambient energy that you couldn’t tell her normal skin tone by looking at her.

      There is one notable difference between the way that comic Carol currently looks, and the way that movie Carol looks. In the comic books, she went from hair halfway down her back (as Ms. Marvel), to hair cut extremely short (as Capt. Marvel). MCU Carol won’t have it cut that short.

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