Venom brings in an $80/$205 million opening weekend.

Didn’t expect thatVenom is turning out to be one of those flicks that the critics hate and the movie-going public maybe doesn’t; I say ‘maybe’ because Solo had a decent opening weekend* and then proceeded to go belly-up. But if Venom has any legs, Sony is going to keep going with the Spider-Verse stuff.  At least, until Disney buys them, which probably will happen in 2025 or so**.

I probably will end up seeing this movie, won’t I?  I can feel its siren call.  And I am a sucker for popcorn flicks.

Moe Lane

*For a non-Star Wars film.

**Yeah, I probably jinxed it by typing that.  Which is fine by me, honestly.

One thought on “Venom brings in an $80/$205 million opening weekend.”

  1. Saw a couple of comments about this movie the other night. One person liked it. Also mentioned a need to stay for a post-credits scene with Woody Harrelson (but didn’t mention why).

    The other individual hated it.

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