My mini-review of Venom.

Short version:

Slightly longer version: really, it wasn’t bad.  Although Elon Musk is probably pissed right now: ‘Carlton Drake?’  Come on, man.  At least try a little for subtlety*.  Sonny Bunch was correct: Venom works best when it’s in demented buddy movie mode.  And, really, it worked pretty well, all in all.

Mind you, the AMC movie franchise is of the devil.  Particularly if you’re used to Regal, which I am.  Inferior seating and they managed to utterly screw up my food order and I didn’t notice until it was way too late for me to fix it. If there had been an early showing at the Regal near me I would have taken it and I don’t think that the early showing at AMC was worth the junk I had to put up with.

Moe Lane

*I should note that the character might have appeared before Elon Musk. I’m not sure, and I’m probably not going to check.  But Musk is still probably pissed right now.

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