I got nothin’, Stolen Inflatable Pink Colon edition.

Wait, what?

4 thoughts on “I got nothin’, Stolen Inflatable Pink Colon edition.”

  1. So this isn’t triggering any sort of adventure seed? No plans to subject hapless players to an adventure through the gut of a giant? Not even a vague idea about going full Ender’s Game and having an impossible choice?

    1. I am in a remarkably foul and angry mood tonight. And I am damned if I know why, either. I think my shoulder needs to be straightened, or something.

      1. Don’t let shoulder pain go untreated, it only gets worse as the mileage accumulates.
        Trust me on this.

    2. Instapundit linked to an old Dave Barry column where he talks about getting a colonoscopy (sp?). Anything that could, theoretically end up as a Dave Barry “I am not making this up!” item is something that any half-way capable GM should be able to figure out on his or her own.


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