In the Mail: Kult.

Note: I got the non-nudie cover.

Which should probably tell you what kind of game this is, huh?  I Kickstarted Kult on a lark; I remembered hearing about the original version when I started playing roleplaying games, and the idea of a heavily Gnostic RPG amused and amuses me.  God only knows when I’d actually play it.  Or read it, for that matter; I have small children.

Still, Kult looks very pretty. …And it knows it, too.

3 thoughts on “In the Mail: Kult.”

      1. I thought you answered that with “I have small children”.
        Not wanting to explain why ‘Kult’ came in for show-and-tell at a parent-teacher conference is a perfectly reasonable reason to go with the .. less outre’ cover.

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