4 thoughts on “‘Adeste Fideles.’”

  1. Yes, please. Enya’s rendition is near perfect–clean, straightforward, and moving because she does her very best without getting in the way.

    She could lead a church congregation, and they would have no trouble following.

    The worst ones, the very worst ones, are the ones who turn the old carols into Vegas show tunes.

    Runners-up: Middle aged lounge lizards doing–I don’t say singing– children’s songs, like “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”, where you can all but hear the man’s dentures clacking.

  2. Enya is often singing in a weird rhythm and foreign tongue, so it is hard to follow her songs. In this she is singing in a foreign tongue, but with crystal clear voice. It helps that I know the tune and can recognize latin and her accompaniment was similarly clean. Frankly, this is one of the most respectful versions of a Christmas hymn by a popular artist I have ever heard.

  3. Indeed, this is solid stuff.
    Not just Christmas hymns that sound “off” when personalized. Unless you know what to look for, most modern “Christian” stuff is so full of “I”s and “we”s you can hardly tell it’s religious. [Also, get off my church’s lawn. 😉 ]

    1. I am not sure what songs you are talking about. All I can think of is hymns like “How Great Thou Art”, “I Believe in Christ”, and “Nearer my God to Thee”, which I suspect aren’t what you are talking about.

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