Medieval Dinner tonight!

My wife’s doing it for her Northern European medieval group, but I just got off of ‘put steak gobbets on skewers for charcoal grilling’ detail.  It’s one of those dinners, you see.  There’s going to be hunks of steak on sticks and roasted parsnips and something involving spinach and something else involving a wine sauce and I took most of the rest of the jug* of sweet red wine and made sangria out of it and it isn’t actually wretched.  It’s also not European, but people rarely object to glasses of not-actually-wretched sangria, so there.

Should all be tasty.

Moe Lane

*Not Gallo, but not much farther up the wine evolutionary ladder, either.  Brings back memories of drinking the stuff when I was half this age, with one-fifth the household income.  Good times.

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