Computer fan’s making weird noises.

I suspect Chrome, honestly.  But I should probably look into that.  And maybe just even get some sleep?  Now there’s a concept.

6 thoughts on “Computer fan’s making weird noises.”

  1. Well chrome can certainly make the fan run, basically the longer you leave it open, especially with an open-ended web page like gmail, the more memory it uses, and eventually it starts filling up the swap file, so as all of the little crapplets and background javascript on the 47 open web pages phone home, they have to be paged in. The memory reads and writes cause heat, especially with an ssd, so they can cause fans to start running.

    If you’re running windows, check task manager, if you’re running a mac, I can give different directions, if you’re running linux, you should know how to do this already… 🙂

    Now, if it’s actually weird noises, and not just running unexpectedly, you probably have a fan whose bearings need to be greased. Most of the time people just toss them and replace them, but there’s usually a sticker over a hole where you can squirt a little machine oil and avoid replacing them. Occasionally on really cheap fans are just completely sealed though, and those are just toss and replace. Or you could just see it as a sign it’s time to replace the gaming box with a new one…

    1. My desktop makes the bad fan noises**, and I was about to look into replacing it. Thanks for the oil tip; will definitely check that first.
      **Don’t do home renovations around an un-covered CPU, kids…

    2. Firefox has a similar problem. I recently upgraded my desktop to 16 gigs of RAM, and Firefox will allocate it all if given the chance.


      Disclaimer: I leave my desktop running pretty much 24/7, and really only close my browsers when I realize they’ve allocated all my memory.

  2. My rule of thumb is to never leave any website that isn’t the most barebones possible open for any longer than I’m actually browsing it. You know what used to drive my computer nuts, and the computer would overheat to the point that it would just put itself to sleep automatically? And we’re talking a high end desktop. Hotair. If I had Hotair open in the background and I ran any games at the same time, my computer lost it.

    Too many websites just abuse how much they can harness your computer for, I find. I’ve taken to running an activity monitor in the background at all times, and just doing that helps keep me mindful of any of the problems that might arise.

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