So, it’s gonna be called Men In Black International.

It has some promise to it.

Also, apparently Liam Neeson’s also going to be in it.  Presumably, he will be playing a character that has certain skills — but also the discretion to know when to get the younger MiBs to do all the running and shooting and chucking things about.  Guess I’ll see in June.

Moe Lane

PS: I can’t imagine not going to see this, honestly. Hemsworth and Thompson were lots of fun in Thor Ragnarok; I hope that they’ll have a good time in Men in Black: International, which means that I could have a good time watching them.  Worth a look-see, at least.

One thought on “So, it’s gonna be called Men In Black International.”

  1. Hemsworth has impressed in a variety of genres and earned good will. Thompson is generic and bland, and hasn’t.

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