Test of this Stupid Gutenberg thing.

Because WordPress decided to mess around with this and hasn’t even given me the option to not use it.

…OK, I will not have to manually choose paragraph every time I need a new paragraph. I can keep going. This eliminates the most glaring reason why I might have to say ‘Welp, I need a new site editor.’

Now, let’s see how it handles embeds: https://www.patreon.com/join/MoeLane? https://www.patreon.com/join/MoeLane?


…I suppose that I can get used to it. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Test of this Stupid Gutenberg thing.”

  1. The embed looks a little wonky.

    I see the Patreon URL listed as plain text (ending ‘MoeLane?’). Then the same URL text, except as a hyperlink. And then the patreon icon, with the link active.

    1. Yeah, that’s testing to see what happens when I put in the same link unformatted, as a link, and as a new dedicated button (which I actually like, because I can save it). So it actually is fine.

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