Tweet of the Day, Avengers: Endgame Should Absolutely Have A Pee Break edition.

Straight up.

Because it’s a great idea, that’s why. And there’s nothing wrong with three hour movies, dagnabbit. We used to have those. Given the way movie tickets cost these days, they should be longer.


(Via this, eventually.)

9 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Avengers: Endgame Should Absolutely Have A Pee Break edition.”

  1. A pee break???? What kind of sissies are watching these movies?!!? Back in my day you sat your butt in the theater and held your bladder till it burst so that you missed nothing.

    1. Yeah, back in our day we had bladders that could do that. Now… well, one of the nice things about seeing Into The Spider-Verse a second time was that I knew when I could go and pee safely.

      1. There’s supposed to be an app that tells you when it’s safe to take a pee break so you don’t miss anything of consequence.

    1. The latter is unhygienic; the former does not compare to having a waiter on hand to take your drink and popcorn order before the movie starts (I went to a place that did this for Pacific Rim, and I heartily recommend patronizing such an establishment at least once).

      1. Lots of places take your order at your seat these days, like Alamo Draft House & Studio Movie Grill.

  2. Second movie I saw in the theater was Ben-Hur (1959)– I got free tickets because it was the 100th anniversary of the book. Three hours, 40 minutes, with an intermission. Intermissions make 3+ hour movies much more tolerable.

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