Assuming there is a Shazam! 2…

…I figure that we already know what the plot will be.

“Dwayne [Johnson], Dwanta Claus, I promise if we ever get the opportunity to bring to fisticuffs, I will be so gentle – particularly because I don’t want to accidentally hit you and then die – I would really hate for that to happen!” [Zachary] Levi said jokingly, somewhat mimicking the style of a wrestling promo (via USAToday). “But I am very excited about the prospect, or the idea, of being able to have Shazam and Black Adam fight each other in the film world. That would be tremendously fun.”


Essentially, there’s supposed to be a Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson, but it’s currently stalled out, or just on pause. If Shazam! takes off — and the movie has gotten both great reviews and enthusiastic praise from those of us who saw it early — then that movie happens, and then it’s time for Shazam! versus Black Adam.

Which we kind of knew? But what we didn’t know is whether audiences would like Shazam! enough to sustain the plan. And we still don’t know that, to be sure. Signs are, however, encouraging.

Moe Lane

PS: I would not mind at all if a bunch of Justice Society of America heroes started showing up in these movies.




4 thoughts on “Assuming there is a Shazam! 2…”

    1. That can change in a hurry. With a good enough writer, the “designated villain” can be around just long enough to get the plot rolling, ala Hydra at the start of Avengers: Age of Ultron. They were teased at the end of one of the previous movies as the next big villain, but lasted just long enough for Cap to accidentally call Iron Man out on his bad words.

    2. Also, there’s a quick but detectable reference to Black Adam in the wizard’s speech to Billy, where the wizard mentions the first person he imbued with the powers. So there’s a hook for it in the movie.
      I’m giving the movie praise, but enthusiastic is a stretch. Aquaman, flaws included, was a more enjoyable movie for me.

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