Looks like Disney will release The New Mutants in theaters after all.

At least, according to GeekTyrant. For those who don’t remember, The New Mutants is a horror X-Men flick that had been in development Hell (or maybe Limbo) over at Fox for a while. Maybe it was supposed to get rewrites, maybe it wasn’t, perhaps it was going direct to video — but GeekTyrant says that it’s getting an August 2nd release, so I guess it all got resolved.

Dunno if the movie will suck or not, of course.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d like to note, again and for the record: if you have a hospital designed to study adolescent mutants more or less against their will, for the love of God… make the place look nice. There’s no excuse for puke green walls and freezing cold tiled floors. Warm colors, nice amenities, a budget for upkeep, and don’t put a sorrowful angel statue in front. Because, really, the idea is for the mutants to remember where they grew up fondly, right? That wonderful fortress that protected them from the big bad world of horrible normal people*. That way, when one of them snaps or something, the other mutants will help stop the threat.

‘Illuminati’ is supposed to mean ‘the enlightened ones.’ That included enlightened self-interest. Think about it, ye Shadow Government officials?

*Because not all normal people are bad. There are the kindly Men In Black who kept them safe, for starters.

4 thoughts on “Looks like Disney will release The New Mutants in theaters after all.”

  1. Kindly Men In Black? KINDLY?

    It’s disappointing such an… Enlightened… Fellow as yourself [buys] into their commercial propaganda.

    The MiB are chokepoint overlords, [restricting] who can come to the new land, [proscribing] where they can move to once they arrive, and using ‘law’ and naked force as an engine of economic protectionism – stealing the design and imposing a patent on microwaves, velcro, and Tang among a [host] of other products.

    So… MiB are the equivalent of the 18th century British Empire. Aliens are the colonists. And YOU SIDE WITH THE KING.

  2. Looks like the Dragon ran the institute. Matches their particular style.
    I think it has a high suck likelihood, and I’m not into a horror mutants story, unless it’s “House of M”. Then it’s Take My Money!

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