Item Seed: Yummy-Tummy All-Natural Peanut Butter.

Yummy-Tummy All-Natural Peanut Butter

You ever notice how many extremely rich people seem to go a little weird about it, and in a particularly reclusive way?  Well, there’s a reason for that, and it’s called ‘Yummy-Tummy All-Natural Peanut Butter.’ The only peanut butter brand ‘on the market’ (heh) that ships its product under other brands’ labels; and doesn’t the company pay well for that particular feature.

Basically, Yummy-Tummy is made from an extremely esoteric variety of peanuts, grown only in a certain part of Alabama; the other ingredients are likewise magically, theurgically, and otherwise supernaturally charged.  The end result is a tasty peanut butter that also triples your income if you eat at least one sandwich’s worth of the stuff per day. It can be eaten directly from the jar, but most people prefer to mix it with something.  Yummy-Tummy can be cooked without losing any of its virtue.

Those are the positive aspects of Yummy-Tummy. The negative ones?  Oh, it drives people crazy after a while. Not violent crazy, fortunately; but a regular consumer of Yummy-Tummy will just get stranger and stranger as the years go on, until he (usually he) is an extremely rich recluse eating bizarre concoctions made from the stuff. And is usually at that point in the hands of somewhat unscrupulous employees who are determined to make sure that their ‘boss’ keeps eating the Yummy-Tummy.  After all, being the money manager of a rich eccentric can be almost as remunerative as being the rich eccentric, with the added bonus of not going not-officially insane in the process.

Generally, those who worry about such things are curiously disinclined to interfere too much with Yummy-Tummy’s operations.  After all, they’re generally not eating the stuff, and the people who do tend to be self-correcting problems.  If somebody decides that going nuts in thirty years is worth being rich now, that’s their call, right?  Besides, Yummy-Tummy isn’t physically addictive. They could quit whenever they like. Or their employees could make them quit — ah, yes, that’s the problem.  A rather useful problem, in fact, when it comes to getting leverage on organizations nominally run by rich eccentrics.

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  1. Obviously peanut allergies are an esoteric response by a group wanting to thin the wealthy herd…

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