My kid’s now complaining about the lack of more Spider-Man DLC!

…I’m so proud. Now he gets to learn about such an integral part of the gaming experience; to wit, the way that you can’t find out what the schedule for new DLC is, whether they’re doing any to begin with, and how most companies manage to shrink their DLC schedules down to the bare minimum or beyond whenever your back is turned. And then there are the sites that lie about DLC! Just so that you’ll click. And almost start a story about new Spider-Man DLC, until you realize that it’s just a recycled story from last year.

Or so I imagine.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m trying to make time to actually play the damn game, yes. And the Uncharted games, although those I might as well wrap up and give my kid them for his birthday. Lord knows he’s burned his way through Spider-Man.

6 thoughts on “My kid’s now complaining about the lack of more Spider-Man DLC!”

  1. Well, I was going to suggest picking up some of the older Spidey games for your kid to a) keep his Spidey appetite fed and b) get him off the PS4. But then I looked at the prices for those games. Yikes. When a 10 year old console game is $90 on Amazon… Maybe get a copy of Infamous Second Son? It’s Spidey-ish. And the main character is more heroic than Cole in the PS3 games was. (Also the Middle Earth and Batman games from the last gen might wet his appetite as well. )

    1. I would think the Batman games of those two. Shadows of Mordor at least (never played the second) was long on gore.

  2. I dunno what your attitude is toward JRPGs. But Persona 5 was very well received when it came out as a PS3/4 exclusive. And it was just announced that the game is getting an updated rerelease on the PS4 next year (Japan gets it later this year) called Persona 5: Royal.

    You might want to keep an eye open for it.

      1. Almost certainly.

        The initial story arc involves physical abuse, rape, and attempted suicide. The later arcs aren’t quite so grim, though they’re all still pretty dark.

        Plus there’s the whole “summon demons based off of Jungian archetypes organized by the major arcana of the tarot deck”.

        But for those who aten’t too young for the content, it’s a great game.

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