I would not be really down with a HYPOTHETICAL Deadpool/Spidey MCU movie.

Despite GeekTyrant’s reaction to the possibility. Wouldn’t really work, anyway. Spider-Man is still Sony, even if Deadpool is Disney/Marvel now; and I cannot imagine that Ryan Reynolds and his crew are going to be willing to do the PG-13 version that Sony would expect*. And, comes right down to it: the tone would be off. On both sides. I don’t know what the hell Spider-Man would do with a Deadpool. Shoot, I don’t know what Deadpool would do with a Spider-Man, and neither would he.

Mind you, if they want to release Deadpool Rifftrax or something to MCU and Spider-verse flicks, well, I could be down with that.

Moe Lane

*Neither side would wrong, by the way. Sony is doing well for itself by making Spider-Man movies that I could take my kids to see; and Reynolds et. al. are doing well for themselves by making hysterical R-rated Deadpool flicks. There’s no shame in the fact that there’s no overlap.

3 thoughts on “I would not be really down with a HYPOTHETICAL Deadpool/Spidey MCU movie.”

  1. I have seen speculation that Deadpool could get a cameo appearance in Spider-Man 3, showing him playing Fortnite as “NoobMaster 69”, which could maybe count as a retroactive cameo in “Avengers: Endgame”. Just a thought…

  2. I know Marvel did a Spider-Man/Deadpool team-up for a bit. Apparently Deadpool was in town because he had a contract to do a hit on Peter Parker, and was palling around with Spidey for a while. And then Deadpool succeeded in performing his hit…


    I don’t know anything further about the team-up, aside from one of the panel backgrounds that had a theater marquee for the movie “Night Hawk vs Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom”.

  3. I think it would be an odd tonal mix. Spiderman has always been kind of an irreverent take on superheros. Instead of Captain America or Superman peering into the middle distance pondering honor, justice and what it all means, it was the more personal side of being a hero who is trying to juggle a teenage/young adult life with his duty and responsibility.
    Deadpool, in a way is kind of the same thing, but without the duty, responsibility and much more adult themes and humor.
    What I am trying to say is that they are both more real life takes on superheroes to begin with, but like the Punisher, they can only exist if they are playing off the context of the bigger universe that has standard heroes- not playing off each other. You cannot have an entire universe of Deadpool without Colossus standing in as a ‘standard’ hero.
    Also, staying in the same theme and referring to a previous argument:
    *spoilers for ENDGAME*
    Went and saw Endgame this past weekend. The amount of foreshadowing is pretty insane.
    The compass. Which they keep coming back to.
    Finding the picture in Peggy’s office and seeing her through the window. (THIS was an awesome scene. This does not get enough credit as great use of no dialogue, shot framing and music to set a tone and tell an entire movie worth of story in just around 45 seconds. This was the beginning of ‘Up’ for the Marvel universe.)
    Bucky even knew. He does not say ‘See you in a minute’ like Sam. He says ‘I’m going to miss you, pal.’ As soon as Steve Rogers knew time travel was possible, there was only one outcome. He had a promise to keep.

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