…Clobbering time? 2022 Fantastic Four movie rumors abound.

MoeLane.com cannot confirm, but will eagerly quote, the following:

The GWW is hearing, but cannot confirm, that Marvel Studios is aiming for a 2022 release for the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot. Sources also say that ‘Ant-Man’ director Peyton Reed is pushing to direct, and has already pitched his vision for the movie to Feige multiple times. Reed’s pitch includes a 1960s setting that involves the Quantum Realm, and possibly The Black Knight.

It’s the ‘Ant-Man director’ thing that does it for me. If you asked me cold, I’d likely say that I’d want the guy who did the Ant-Man movies. Why? Because they’re the comic book movies. Well, them and Thor: Ragnarok. But Ant-Man is where the it’s most fully obvious that the laws of physics in the MCU are merely mild guidelines that can be overruled by more important things, like how cool it would be if X happened.

But it’s just a rumor.

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