11 thoughts on “The Baldur’s Gate 3 teaser trailer. I mean, if you’re interested.”

  1. Out of curiosity…
    Did anyone survive the red dragon and subsequent (spoiler) without using cheat codes?
    I don’t know how some of the endgame stuff in the second one was even doable playing it straight. I’m normally pretty good at min-maxing and coordination, but without “rescue hotkeys”…

    1. I can’t remember, because it has been literally almost 2 decades since I played BG2, but I do remember killing one dragon by having Yoshimo, the thief, just stealthily lay an absurd number of traps, and then just walking up to the dragon, causing him to go hostile, and every trap in the room to fire. I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t even a single round of real combat.

    2. Yeah, I beat all of the dragons using (iirc) non-gamey methods. My recollection is that the one that gave me the most trouble was the shadow dragon.

      I will note, though, that I’m not sure if I remember the dragon that you’re talking about. I remember a red dragon that was part of the paladin quest chain. But from your comment, it sounds as if you’re referring to one that might have turned up in the expansion/finale.

      As for this…

      It’s a completely new company that’s – so far as I am aware – unaffiliated with the original team. It’s got the name “Baldur’s Gate” on it, but other than that and the fact that it’s set in the city of the same name, there’s nothing in common with the original game. I’d probably be happier if they’d given it a completely new name that didn’t evoke the old series. The fact that they’re invoking the classic series despite having nothing to do with it puts me an guard.

      1. It’s still all WotC stuff as intellectual property though, right?
        Coincides nicely with DnD-5e newly released Baldur’s Gate: Descent to Avernis adventure is all I’m sayin’.

      2. IIRC (as noted, it’s been many years) it was an optional boss somewhere in the mid-game. In retrospect, it was probably there to give you a reason to return to that dungeon later on, because it was way over the power level of my party.
        Then, as soon as you defeated it, you were jumped by an adventuring party that had come to fight and loot the dragon. They weren’t any easier, and your spells had been depleted…

        1. Yeah, that’s the dragon. He was part of a quest chain that started when you got into a fight with a party of paladins after both parties had been hit with spells that made them see the other party as monsters. IIRC, when you finally fought through the dungeon and confronted the dragon, you had the option to walk away without fighting. But taking him out was important if you had a paladin since his loot included the game’s holy sword.

          I don’t remember a party showing up afterwards, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The game liked to pull that trick from time to time.

          My favorite, though, was the “I’m level 30. Kobolds are beneath me. Let’s have this newbie party do this instead,” quest. Simple, but with an amusing ending.

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