The Tango/Bethesda ‘Ghostwire Tokyo’ E3 trailer.

Well, this is turning out to be a lovely E3, isn’t it? Ghostwire: Tokyo has real promise to it:

They brought in someone from Tango to say that it’s spooky, but not survival horror. Translation: it’s gonna be like Secret World Legends‘ Tokyo zone, except that I’ll be using a bow. …Which is good! That’s what I want! I wanna shoot oni and onryo and zap them and all that good stuff. I always hate running from the big scary ghosts. Call it a quirk.

2 thoughts on “The Tango/Bethesda ‘Ghostwire Tokyo’ E3 trailer.”

  1. Background info- this is the same studio that did “The Evil Within.” The peppy “Spoooooky” woman is apparently the head of the studio’s protege, so this is basically him showing off her skills and handing over the reins to her. And yes, that was an effective trailer.

  2. Mysterious, atmospheric, and spooky without much information.
    And I *still* have a much better handle on it than on Death Stranding.

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