The ‘Pennyworth’ trailer.

I got mixed opinions about it.

Pennyworth doesn’t look bad, you understand. It certainly ties into our culture’s ongoing shift of Alfred in the Batman legend from being an urbane old geezer who answers the phone to becoming a long-retired elite-forces BAMF who could probably kill you seventeen different ways with a shoelace. But if he’s that good, why the hell did Thomas and Martha Wayne die? Or, for that matter: why did Joe Chill survive for more than 24 hours afterward? And then there’s the fact that this entire project seems like somebody saw that one joke in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies and decided to just run with it.

On the other hand? 1950s England with over-the-top conspiracies. If there’s a volcano lair or maybe some exotic super-weapons, well, maybe that’s a different story. Which, huh, would tie back into Batman after all. See the problem for me, here? It all keeps making a demented kind of sense for me, and I find that weird.

One thought on “The ‘Pennyworth’ trailer.”

  1. Eh. After what “Gotham” did to pre-Batman I’m not optimistic about this one. Wouldn’t mind being proven wrong, but that’s my take.

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