Tweet of the Day, :reverent: God *Damn,* But That’s Good edition.

It’s not the NYP’s absolutely totally best headline ever, but they have not forgotten the face of their fathers.

(Via @EsotericCD) It must have been a hell of a thing, having to try to choose between those two headlines. A lesser paper would have picked one. But it takes a true artist to know when to break the rules, and just throw everything down. Feel privileged that you were here to see this, on this day.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, :reverent: God *Damn,* But That’s Good edition.”

      1. The story behind that headline is simply mind boggling as well. We have an utterly crazy man who after killing owner of the bar, demanded one of the customer (a female mortician) to decapitate the corpse. Yeah, I think that guy died either in jail or mental hospital.

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