Yeah, but who would you pick for the live-action Miles Morales?

In the process of saying things that we already knew would happen (Tom Hardy is going to make another Venom movie*; Sony wouldn’t mind a Venom / Spider-Man crossover, if only they can figure out how to do it), producer Amy Pascal said this:

Fans of Miles Morales will also be happy to learn that the character’s inclusion in this animated universe does not necessarily mean we can’t ever get a live-action version of him, too. “No, I don’t think you should exclude [Miles from a live-action movie],” Pascal said. “I think you should assume there is nothing to exclude.”

(Via Coming Soon.) No quarrel with that, but: which actor do you get for the role? Shameik Moore (Miles in the movie) is the better-known voice; Nadji Jeter (Miles in the PS4 game) looks more like a teenager. And I don’t know whether it’d be jarring if they went for somebody else for the live-action.

I know, it’s currently academic, but it’s an interesting question, hey? And I am happily pleased to realize that I can maybe expect entertaining Spider-Man movies from Sony again. It’s refreshing, really.

Moe Lane

*Venom brought in an absolutely unexpected 855 million on a 100 million dollar production budget. They’re going to bring back Tom Hardy for the sequel, even if his agent is making the universal sign for “more money, please.”

8 thoughts on “Yeah, but who would you pick for the live-action Miles Morales?”

    1. I *think* so. His appearance in the video game seemed well-received, even though he had a pretty small role. And “Into the Spider-Verse”, which was centered on Miles, has been very well received. I don’t know how fans have reacted to his presence in the comic books. But I don’t remember hearing any negative reactions to him.

      Of course, if there was a strong negative reaction to him, it wouldn’t be surprising if I missed it. I don’t pay *that* much attention to the chatter these days.

      My biggest concern with him is that his powers are essentially “Peter Parker’s power set plus two other neat items (invisibility and his stingers)”.

        1. More “relateable” by post-1990s kids, for whom everything is disposable, and for whom Parker building mechanical web-slingers would be a major “woah! where did he learn to do that?!” moment ..
          (Junior Cat refers to the ’90s as “the great cheapening” .. and is not wrong)
          Put another way, I can see where today’s youth would prefer Miles ..
          As for casting .. Trey Smith is too old, at this point .. probably have to find a complete unknown.

      1. In my social circle, his introduction was hated nearly as much as the latter “female Thor” fiasco.
        (Shrug) But I’m old and out of touch.
        Obviously, there are some fans (on the internet you can find enthusiastic fans of all sorts of horrifying things), but I’m not at all sure how common they actually are.

    2. He’s very popular from what I’ve heard. I stopped reading comics outside of collected books before he was introduced, but there’s a lot of enthusiasm to see him on screen.

  1. I would just like a (animated) sequel to Into the Spider-Verse, please. Which, since it’s already grossed more than 4x its budget, seems like it should be a done deal.


    Which is probably also why they’re talking about a live action version.

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