Filming has begun on the Black Widow movie.

GeekTyrant has a link to the Twitter account that leaked some pictures from the set. Short version… she’s dressed in black and has red hair. Braided, which means that it’s longer than average.

Why am I bringing this up? Mostly to flog my no-doubt Fix-It Fiction theory if Marvel-Disney wants to create the endscene that nobody nobody NOBODY who isn’t me or you, Dear Reader, will ever see coming: as Hawkeye and Black Widow go off to Budapest (Constant Reader Rockphed and others were right; this is one great way how that should go), show one last bit where an older Black Widow and an Older Captain America* watch them go off; and then older BW leans over Older CAs shoulder, and puts a line through an entry in his old notepad (in her handwriting, of course) that says Make sure I join the Avengers.

Fade to black. Watch the fandom freak out. Never bring it up again.

You’re welcome, Marvel-Disney. You steal this, I want tickets to the premiere.

Moe Lane


6 thoughts on “Filming has begun on the Black Widow movie.”

  1. Sadly, one of the people in charge (I can’t remember which one, unfortunately) has state emphatically in response to a fan question that there is no way to bring back someone killed to obtain the Soul Stone.

    Of course, you’ll just point out the possibility that the answer in question was a piece of misdirection.

    And I will acknowledge that having Cap set up with Natasha makes a *LOT* more sense than the idea that Cap set up with Peggy, and then somehow managed to lay low for decades while she was helping to run one of the biggest espionage organizations in the world.

    1. Black Widow coming back in future can be explained by the weird time travel they have. Just go back and grab an earlier version of Nat from before the jump and Hey Presto! Does not make sense but then you also have Gamorra.
      As to Cap vs Peggy vs Nat. My thoughts are known.
      On the other hand, the ‘sitting back’. The question is how much was Cap MEANT to do because he has ALWAYS done that? If you buy the writers intent that Cap always went back to Peggy, then it makes a bit more sense. He can still be who he is, he just has to be disguised and it has to be somewhat covert. Cap is not Thor or the Hulk. He does not have to be flashy, just enhanced human with a determination (and sense of Duty) streak a mile wide and a mile deep.
      The fly in the ointment here is Hydra. I always thought it odd that Peggy as the director of SHIELD would be sanguine with Zola’s involvement (even without Cap telling her of the Days of Future Past.) We know Hydra at least for part of the time was operating in the Soviet Union. How deep did Hydra go in SHIELD say pre-1991?

    2. “…and then [he] somehow managed to lay low for decades BECAUSE she was helping to run one of the biggest espionage organizations in the world.”
      Fixed it for you.

  2. Given the level of ability already established in the MCU (time travel, multiverse, infinity stones) it seems like the writers could bring back anyone they wanted to.


    The problem (and I think it’s a really big one) is, how do they tell stories with big stakes going forward? What happens if, when someone dies, you just say we’re gonna need another Timmy!?

    1. A lot of Ant-Man and the Wasp-type flicks? I enjoy the heck out of those, and they’re never going to be about taking over the world.

  3. Personal wish, not for Black Widow, but for Phase 4 as a whole:
    Phase 4 should be about dealing with the fallout from several major Phase 3 events. First, Tony Stark’s decision to preserve the five-year snap gap. (We’ve already been assured we’ll see some of this in Far From Home.) Second, Wakanda establishing itself overnight as a world power, shifting the balance of the geopolitical landscape. Third, the Pym Particles and their ability to facilitate time travel.
    And let’s not forget the alien tech that is still floating around (Spider-Man: Homecoming), or the soon-to-be-common knowledge that there are men on Earth who can facilitate space travel simply by opening portals to other planets (Dr. Strange). Mankind’s adventures out there, by the way, could wind up so pissing off the Skrulls that Captain Marvel 2 could be a take on the Skrull invasion storyline.
    Anyway, long story short, these combined developments all have the potential to truly screw up the MCU. So LET THEM.
    Seriously. Have Phase 4 be the undoing of everything we’ve seen so far. Then, in the final moments of the last movie, take advantage of the fact that you have a) an existing Wanda Maximoff in this universe, and b) legal access to all the X-Men storylines…and have Scarlet Witch wrap up the entire MCU as we know it with a riff on House of M —
    “No. More. Avengers.”
    And then start over fresh…with the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the wealth of storylines they have between them. Reintroduce current characters as you need to or want to, but recast with new actors who can work for a decade.

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